• December 7 2020 - Fight the Fakes Launches a New a New Alliance with a Bolder Mission

  • November 20 2018 - People that Deliver Launches a New Resource for Health Supply Chain Practitioners

  • October 25 2017 - First Fight the Fakes partners' meeting held in Brussels and campaign welcomes 35th member in the fight against falsified medicines

  • March 31 2016 - IFPW Foundations and IFPW Members attend EAC RCE-VIHSCM launch in Rwanda

  • Feb 19 2016 - Gavi Partnership Ratified, Implementation Begins

  • History
    In 2012-13 the Foundation engaged Geneva-based consultancy group, Global Development, in a 2-phase project to identify Global Health opportunities and existing initiatives in which pharmaceutical wholesalers could participate; where their knowledge, experiences, competencies and technologies can support access to medicines and/or improve the safety of the world's pharmaceutical supply chains. The project ultimately catalyzed working relationships with participants in the initiatives currently being targeted/pursued.

    Click here to see the results of the mapping exercise completed by Global Development and IFPW Foundation.

    Click here to see the current Activities and read below for details on the progress being made.